Precious Histories, Held

There are possibly few of you who read this that won't already have in your possession, a collection of small objects which have meaning to you but may seem of less consequence to others. These are rarely items of great monetary value; a photo booth picture, a magpie feather or a piece of sea worn glass for example, yet they have the capacity to trigger a memory or bring an aesthetic joy when you look at, or hold them.

One of our 2018 workshop topics called, Preserving the Precious, is about harnessing and enhancing these small stories by incorporating the objects in a handstitched textile piece. Thereby protecting or giving further gravitas to your treasures. The workshop takes place over two days allowing the direction of the work time to unfold through exploring techniques, social histories and wider contemporary textiles practice.

The first of these sessions took place in March at Elmslie House in Malvern. The precious objects brought along by the group and the stories attached to them were as varied as the results - from a felt cocoon for a lucky lead pig to a tactile pouch to hold a wristwatch...

"I've had the most wonderful weekend being creative at a Kathleen Murphy workshop. I preserved a precious memory from when I was a young child. Both my sister and I used to wear our house keys around our necks on a length of tape (put there by our mother). This would be a funky necklace thing to do today but not then. My father was severely disabled and mum was the breadwinner, so we had to let ourselves into the house after school. The mixed media box I've made is stuffed full of references to those days, including having 'fish fingers for tea'."  


If this sounds like a topic you'd like to try, the workshop will be taking place again next month in Lancashire. Please note the remaining places need to be booked through the venue by 18th June. Please click on the venue link:  
'Preserving the Precious'
Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th July 2018
Garstang, Lancashire

Work in progress: a bed cocoon for a lucky lead pig