Receiving News from the Applewood

This is a slightly unusual post, but a necessary one, so please bear with us and read on because you may wish to take action. It applies particularly to those of you who Subscribe to this website.

Those living in the UK and Europe will have heard quite a bit recently about the new legislation, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into effect this month. Briefly, these new rules are designed to protect and make transparent the digital information which is held about you as an individual and the information which you receive.

So how does this affect visitors to the Murgatroyd Hoots website?

Firstly, if you haven't visited the site for a while you will see a pop-up message from Google, who hosts, explaining their use of cookies (those bits of technology which store information about your preferences each time you visit a website). There is a clear description of how and why this takes place on the link to their Privacy Terms HERE.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly from our point of view, is the subject of Subscribers to this website. Over the last few years this has grown into a healthy list of followers which we are both  incredibly grateful for, and very humbled by people's continued interest. By subscribing you are giving permission to receive email notifications each time a new post is published. Therefore, for the sole purpose of sending these notifications, your name and email address details are held on our behalf on Google Feedburner.

Now here's the bit where, particularly those who subscribed before 25th May 2018, may wish to take action. 
If you are happy to continue receiving email notifications from this website you need do nothing at all. However, if you would prefer NOT to continue receiving email notifications and wish to UNSUBSCRIBE at any time you have two choices:

1. After receiving a new blogpost notification there is the option to 'Unsubscribe Now' at the very bottom of every email. Or, alternatively,
2. Email and your details will be deleted immediately.

Thank you very much for reading through until the end. Our Privacy Terms can also be found on the drop down menu on the homepage.

So, dear Subscribers and Viewers, whether you are sticking with us or this is a parting of the ways, many, many thanks for all your interest. More news to follow for those who wish it.

With very best wishes,
The Owl, the Hare and the Human