Our Creative DNA

We were recently invited to create a piece responding to the title, 'My DNA' for the Petri Dish Project. What you see here is our interpretation of how integral wooded landscapes are to the DNA of our creativity.
Our 'creative DNA' is formed around tiny, fragile pieces of twigs which were collected last Autumn. The wood is therefore well seasoned but prone to snapping when handled. The twigs have been sourced from 2-3 plants and bound together using embroidery floss. Slim, delicate chains of buttonhole stitch to represent the microscopic twists seen within DNA have been carefully built up around the bundle using single strands of thread. Quite a fiddly process both in terms of scale, shape and fragility. The petri jelly is represented by a double layer of cotton and organdie dyed with avocado skins.
The Petri Dish Project was instigated by Ruth Singer and Gillian McFarland during their period of being artists in residence at the University of Leicester's Department of Genetics. As part of their creative investigation McFarland and Singer invited scientists, artists and the general public to fill a petri dish with what they felt represented the title. The results will form a large piece of work to be shown during McFarland and Singer's forthcoming exhibition which opens on 10th November 2017. See poster below for more details.