The Sewcial: Wrap and Bind


Here you see some of the fabulously inventive and varied results from last Friday's Sewcial workshop which took place at the yard:ARTspace in Cheltenham. Drawing inspiration from Russian and Ukrainian knot dolls, the challenge for participants at this Sewcial was to create a 3D figure using only wrapping, folding and binding techniques to construct as much of it as possible. Handstitch was permitted for adding embellished detail once the body had taken shape. For this challenge you've got to take note of the properties of the fabric you're working with and be prepared to think laterally.

This was the last Sewcial workshop for 2017 but fear not it will return next Spring with a fresh set of challenges. If the challenge for this particular Sewcial has piqued your interest and you'd like to give it a go for yourself, keep an eye on the workshop menu for 2018. Dates and venues are about to be confirmed.