The Character is in the Eyes

The making and positioning of eyes impacts greatly on the character of a piece.
We often leave this task until the very end of the making process because this is the aspect which draws all the elements of the piece together, hopefully harmoniously, to create a personality.
Achieving an effective characterisation is going to be particularly important for the sabre-tooth tiger puppet you see in progress here.

Hang on, a puppet? Oh yes!

We have recently been working in collaboration with About Face and The Fetch theatre companies on a series of tales based on Herefordshire history. The tales will be told through an exciting mix of actors, puppetry and object theatre. Our role is to make a collection of character puppets to illustrate a Neolithic story involving tigers, mammoths and pinchy fairies. However, there is a twist! The story will be performed not on a stage but in the palm of your hand. Therefore the puppets we are making are tiny, no larger than 9cm in height. The sabre-tooth tiger you see here is no higher than 3cm tall and 8cm long.
The production is in the final stages of making and rehearsal and will tour throughout the county beginning in May 2017. We'll provide more details about the project, which has been an absolute joy to be part of, in subsequent posts.
For now, here's a view of the tiger's progression.