All that Glitters Could Be Tinsel

 As the Circus Acts wagons left town, the sequel event, Tinsel Town, began to glitter on the horizon. It's getting very close now and we can't wait to take part!

This unique event will not only be an exhibition/market of work by some very splendid makers indeed but it will also involve a series of creative workshops. A great opportunity to buy unique gifts and the chance to have a go at making some yourself too. 
In this post we'll concentrate on telling you about the workshops on offer. Bookings are already being taken so if you'd like to take part (bring a friend, make it a pre-Christmas treat), it's best to book early.  Here's what you need to know. 

Monday 12th December 10am-3.30pm: 'Tinsel Town Teacups: a hand stitched Winter landscape' with Kathleen Murphy of Murgatroyd & Bean     *FULL*
"During this workshop you will create a miniature 3D scene of a Wintery, woodland landscape atop a china teacup, using wool felts, fabric scraps and embroidery. Decorated with trees, gingerbread cottages, snowmen or tiny baubles, these dinky scenes would make a great Christmas table decoration heirloom or gift and are also useful as pincushions. Teacups will be provided but you're very welcome to bring along a treasured teacup of your own to use." 

Skill level: Intermediate Some previous handstitch knowledge helpful.
£50 per person. Includes materials, refreshments and a light lunch 

To book contact: or call 07971 684573 

Tuesday 13th December 10am-3.30pm: 'Tinsel Town Wrap' with Chrissie Pritchard (Bradley's) and Kate Hickson
"A day of fun and creativity - we'll help you cut some of your favourite, Christmas images in Lino so that you can then block print your own wrapping paper and print cards on our book press. Previous experience would be useful, but beginners can expect to learn a new skill as well as come away with some beautiful, one-off designs."   
£45 per person to include materials, refreshments & a light lunch
To book contact or call 07724 554 290

Wednesday 14th December 10am-1pm: 'Tinsel Town Baubles' with Chrissie Pritchard (Bradley's
"A multi-media workshop for people of all abilities. Fill a selection of baubles with, well, whatever you like! Choose from our own selection of materials or bring your own trinkets to create baubles that will give your tree a new look for 2016. Alternatively, use the opportunity to make a present that truly won't be on the high street."
 £25 per person, to include materials and refreshments

To book contact or call 07724 554 290

All workshops will take place at the Tinsel Town venue, 3 Newbury Terrace, Ledbury, Herefordshire, HR8 1AY