A Workshop for Wyedean

Henry V looks over aviation pioneer Charles Rolls outside Monmouth's Shire Hall
Last Saturday we were invited to run a handstitch workshop for the Wyedean Embroiderers on the topic of textile portraits. 
This talented bunch of stitchers meet once a month in the rather grand setting of the Shire Hall in the Welsh market town of Monmouth. If you have ever visited the Shire Hall you will be aware of the 9ft embroidery locally known as 'Henry' - depicting Henry V addressing his troops at Agincourt. Several members of the Wydedean Embroiderers were instrumental in creating this textile piece which took thousands of hours to complete!

Unsurprisingly, the group took to Saturday's workshop task with ease. We began by using a technique to create an appliqued base of jigsaw-d fabric pieces, whereby choice of patterned material and colour was key. Once secured in place, embroidered detail is added to 'flavour' and bring the portrait to life. The choice of images which the Embroiderer's chose to use was as individual as each of them. Here's a look at how they got on.
A lovely use of pattern and yarn choice to give an impression of texture
Portrait inspiration came from artists as diverse as Andy Warhol to a painting by Edouard Manet
Some approaches were figurative, others modern - both making good use of pattern
Sumptuous fabrics, carefully positioned used to good effect on this famous pair: Frida Kahlo & Elizabeth I
A colourful, patterned response to this black & white photograph
When finished, the Wyedean Embroiderers have plans to exhibit these pieces in the display case at the Shire Hall later this year. We'll bring you further details when they go on display - can't wait to see the final results! In the meantime, you can see examples of other work by the group currently on display in the entrance to the Hall. 
If you'd like to know more about the Wyedean Embroiderers or how to become a member of this friendly group please contact marguerite.gordon@btinternet.com for further details.