Miss Chave's Glove

Last Friday's Sewcial at Herefordshire's Archive & Records Centre (HARC) was a rather special one. It took place as part of the Daphne's Glove exhibition currently on show at HARC and was the first of our longer length Sewcial workshops. 
When participants arrived they were given a parcel wrapped in cream tissue paper and string. Inside contained a white, hollow tube, two pieces of vintage linen and a single pale glove - the base materials of their challenge and a nod towards both the venue and the Daphne's Glove project. 

With more time to play with, we enlisted the help of Head of Archives & Collections at HARC, Elizabeth Semper, to assist in setting the scene by telling the Sewcial about the history of two local Hereford sisters, Mabel and Florence Chave. The story of their place in Hereford society in the late 1800's provided the inspiration for the day's task - to create a keepsake inspired by the Chave artefacts held in HARC's archives.  

The Sewcial participants were allowed to see inside the archive strong rooms for themselves. Spacious, temperature controlled rooms filled with ordered shelves, manila boxes, acid free paper and protective calico coverings like shrouds - inspiring in their own right. It is here that we collected a carefully wrapped bundle of dance cards, valentines, lace envelopes and book marks once belonging to the Chaves which we were allowed to pour over. 
Here's how the group got on with the information and materials presented to them. 
Turkey Red was a colour included in many of the Daphne's Glove pieces so boxes of red threads were available for the participants to make use of. 
Participants had access to other materials including burnt parchment and archival tape from HARC

Inspired by a tiny motif on a greetings card, this glove was cut open, appliqued and stitched into
A sewing notions case was created using bits of glove to stuff a pincushion, a glove finger scissors sheath and a needlecase using an embroidered piece of thumb!
Clever use of glove finger tips to make a hat
Layers of history are trapped within sheer fabrics and reverse applique techniques
A book of fabric memories from imagined party dresses and special events. With hand made tassels and a protective glove cover 
This piece was inspired by an acerbic comment made on a judges tag regarding Florence Chave's 1950's guild competition entry. For some reason Florence decided to keep it. 
"This has spoilt the character of the design"
By the end of the day we had a diverse and great set of results from the same starting point. 
If this has whet your appetite to try your hand at a Sewcial the next will take place on Friday 8th July 2016 at Blue Ginger Gallery near Malvern. Further details can be found by following the link HERE.