Within The Lines


The base materials for last Friday's Sewcial challenge were fairly simple; a patch of pastel coloured linen and a hank of threads for each workshop participant. The task was pretty straightforward too, fill your linen patch with embroidery. Seems OK so far, yes?    
However, what happened next was down to luck and fate.
Luck was dependent on the blue transfer lines marked on your linen patch and the motley crew of yarns (in a limited colour palette) which were tucked inside it. Fate was down to the turn of a Chance card and the instructions upon it...

With their design and embroidery decisions being controlled by an outside force the Sewcial-ites got doodling. Here's a look at where their needles took them over the course of the morning.

Cor, what a lot of inventive freehand embroidery!

If you'd like to take part in a future Sewcial please keep an eye on our workshop listings page for dates HERE. The next Sewcial will take place in April.