Vulpini Ventures Forth

An exhibition we were recently involved in, Crafted 2015 at New Brewery Arts in Cirencester, came to an end this week. As a result another small tribe of brave Silva Populi have gone out into the world to live with their new owners. The Silva Populi Vulpini, seen here, is one such lucky creature. 

The Vulpini branch of Silva Populi get their name from wearing fox-eared headdresses, often red or ginger in colour and heavily embroidered. . 
We'd like to take this opportunity to tell you a little more about her outfit. Some months ago we were delighted to find a pair of aged, 1930's silk blouse cuffs whilst out 'wombling' for fabric treasure at a local flea market. They had beautiful mother-of-pearl buttons and a delicate gathered detail, one of which we've used here as the basis for Vulpini's dress, edging it with a scrap of tea coloured lace. The linen for her coat began life as a napkin, now hand stitched and embroidered with a floral, bullion knotted motif on it's shawl collar. Vulpini's removable hat and mask are made from wool felt and she carries a bud from a Pearls-of-Wisdom plant. Her glass home was formerly a Cadbury Roses sweet jar, now grown with creeping vines and tweed leaves. 

Safe travels and happy adventures in your new home Vulpini!