Persian Pickles

Boteh, Persian pickles, Welsh pears or just plain paisley, we do love this teardrop shape whatever you care to call it. Here you can see we've used the shape as the base for stitch doodling onto felt. The combination of organic curves, hand embroidery and joyful colours have now been turned into jolly pieces of wearable decoration. 
We will have a selection of these 'Persian Pickle' brooches for sale in May (amongst other things) when we take part in the Selvedge Spring Fair in Stroud.  The fair will take place on Saturday 16th May 2015 at the Subscription Rooms in central Stroud, a five minute walk from the station. Tickets are available in advance from the Selvedge magazine website (for those who like to be organised), or you can buy them on the day. For anyone interested in textiles, a visit to Stroud that weekend is an absolute must as the International Textile Festival will also be in full swing. As well as the Selvedge Fair there will be events, exhibitions and all sorts of interesting things going on in shop windows throughout the town. Take a closer look HERE 
You wouldn't want to miss out on all that would you?