The wind is blowing a gale through the Applewood trees today, leaves are being whipped into a dancing frenzy and the apples remaining on the boughs are fighting a losing battle to stay put. There's no doubting that we're in the throes of Autumn.

The stitched piece you can see here is palm-sized and deliberately so. It was made for a client with impaired vision who wanted a small, tactile piece she could hold in her hand or keep in a pocket. A textural distraction to be drawn to, traced with fingertips, throughout the day. 
Through the process of making, rather than by design, it seemed to absorb the essence of the season and took on the form of an apple.
When squeezed it gives a delicious scrunch- it is filled with rice and has a wool-mix fabric exterior. The addition of rice also gives a pleasing weight when cupped in the hand. It has been embroidered with travelling stitches; Fly, Fern and Running stitch, with French Knots to further emphasise the texture of the piece. It was interesting for once to consider texture from both an internal and external perspective - something to explore again in the future perhaps. 
The quilted leaf provides a softer contrast - a little ear to be stroked. 

A mellow yellow pomme.