Workbox Introduction: Hen's Teeth

We are delighted to kick off the first of our contemporary maker introductions with a look inside the vintage sewing basket of British designer, Viv Sliwka.  (Cue applause & whistles...) Perhaps best known as the stitching force behind 'Hen's Teeth', Viv describes herself as 'truely, madly, deeply obsessed' with her work, working as inspiration strikes. 

Vintage fabric & haberdashery finds, paper ephemera and time-worn patchwork form the material basis of Viv's work. It is a marriage of handmade, history and texture. Characters such as Lady Lavender & Lavinia pop up accompanied by cats, dogs, birds and creamy Mother-of Pearl buttons. Each piece has the addition of beautiful handstitch made using colourful linen thread and sometimes includes printed lettering formed on an old typewriter. These are pieces which make you smile and have memories built in. We think you'll agree that Viv's sewing box reflects this too...

Sewing basket images courtesy of Viv Sliwka

In Viv's own words, "Inside the basket are my Stef Francis linen threads, that I use all of the time. My pin cushion made for me by a dear American bloggy friend and my own Prim needlecase. Mother of Pearl buttons, I cannot live would not be shiny enough without them." Hear, hear!

In addition to designing & making, Viv also runs textile based workshops. Her next workshop will be held on 22nd September 2012 in the splendid grounds of Weston Park, Shropshire. Click HERE to find out more.   

On October 27th 2012 you will be able to catch both Hen's Teeth AND Murgatroyd & Bean at the Crafty Vintage Market in Bishop's Castle. What better excuse do you need to come along?  

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