Making a Mammoth

The next micro puppet we have to show you is a small woolly mammoth. He is another of the characters from the collection we have been making for The Fetch and About Face Theatre Companies' project, Theatre for One.
Once again, the puppet had to be small enough to be used in performance on the palm of the hand, but also, this puppet was required to have a nodding head. This wasn't a technique we'd attempted before but we were keen to get it to work.
After much experimentation with small pieces of tubing, weights and metal bending, an inner structure was perfected which was strong enough, and of suitable dimension, to get that tusked head to nod. It was such a sense of satisfaction when it finally worked!
It's such a pity that inventiveness didn't stretch to getting this work-in-progress film clip to rotate to the right way up!  It does, however, give you an impression of the bob of his head.


There will be a chance to see the puppets in action at the end of this month when The Fetch and About Face perform the Theatre for One stories outside the famous Black & White House in Hereford's High Town. Specific dates and times to be announced.

It's probably worth pointing out that what look like unfortunately placed thermometers are actually puppeteer handles...


susan hemann said…
how wonderful!
Murgatroyd said…
Hi Susan, thank you.