Good to Meet You

We had a lovely day yesterday meeting new and familiar faces at Crafty Vintage in Bishop's Castle. Sadly, our camera couldn't cope with the lighting in the Auction Hall so the majority of our photo's are just too blurry to share with you. However, if you look really closely at the photo above you might just recognise the lovely Christine from Gentlework in the background too...


Your stall looks like the last one I had - with white boxes on them.

Great for height and building. Hope it went well - Australia just does not "get" this style, sadly to say.

Your stall looks very jolly :-)
Murgatroyd said…
Evening Ladies! Good to see you x

Oooh, you can't beat a good white box Denise. You need to come back to Europe and visit us again! We'll get where you're coming from.