Leaves & Princes

We were so busy making teeny, leafy vines for Silva Populi jars today that we got quite a surprise when we took a step back from the desk.  There before us lay a mini jungle of green growth. It immediately put us in mind of the early Ladybird Books edition of Sleeping Beauty, illustrated by Vera Southgate. In particular the scene where the Prince stumbles across the tangled, overgrown thorn bushes at the foot of the tower. Anyone else familiar with this edition? 
Illustration by Vera Southgate
From www.ladybirdprints.com

Or, do they put you in mind of beanstalks? Murgatroyd and Beanstalks....! (Thanks for the comparision Gentlework)
Illustration by Eric Winter from www.ladybirdprints.com


gentlework said…
Yes! I had this - I loved Sleeping Beauty's satiny dress x
Murgatroyd said…
I remember the satin on that dress vividly!
Mrs Bertimus said…
Beautiful work indeed!
I do remember that lovely book, but do you remember 'The Three Little Pigs'...the wolf absolutely terrified me!
Murgatroyd said…
Hee hee. Yes, we remember that one too Mrs B. Those old Ladybird books were superbly illustrated - especially if we can all still remember them clearly in adulthood too!
AnniD said…
What about 'The wolf and the seven little kids' The page showing the wolf with his tummy stitched full of bricks held a great fascination for my son...who has not grown to be either a surgeon or murderer! Just made him laugh.
Murgatroyd said…
Hahahaha - ooh Anni! We'd forgotten about that story, another good 'un.