Whipping & Weaving

Participants at yesterday's Patch Piece Project session were almost dizzy with the amount of spiral needle action taking place! Using a circular motif theme, we set about weaving and whipping threads into a base stitch to produce some truely textural embroidery. These stitches were repeated using a variey of threads and thicknesses; coton a broder, perle, wool, embroidery floss, to see what differences could be achieved using the same method. 
It's fair to say that there were a few exclamations uttered as the morning progressed as thicker needles & cottons took more effort to poke through fabric without stabbing fingers or knotting (and it was VERY hot!). However, the effort was worth it as a plethora of knubbles, domes & spiders webs of thread appeared...

Whipped chain stitch & a ribbed web!
Making circular patterns on a check base



AnniD said…
This looked creative fun M&B!