Marvelous Bakes

Work in progress...
After a smashing week working alongside our Wednesday Group chums in the Artist's Summerhouse, our bags are unpacked and it's back to business as usual in our own workshop. We're already missing them.
Each year we like to give Sue, the Gallery owner, a token of our thanks. Last year we gave a little 3d bird made during a group challenge. This year we wanted to give something a little more personal because we are always so well looked after by Sue. Anyone who knows the Gallery will also know that the savoury lunchtime muffins on offer are legendary (leek & courgette are particular M&B favourites) and have quite a fanclub.
Hence, this year's thank you token was made to show our appreciation of Sue's baking skills too. Et Viola! A little M&B rosette was born ...

 (Bet you're itching to try one of those marvelous muffins now, eh?)


AnniD said…
Muffin good stitches M&B!

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