Friday, 3 May 2013

Pym's Clothing

One naked little Pym waiting patiently for his fitting
When Pym opened his eyes to a bright, sunny morning he knew it was going to a good day - for today was the day that Pym was to be kitted out in new clothes!

If you were anywhere near Ledbury today we wouldn't be surprised if you heard the hoots of laughter coming from this morning's workshop at Cafe Salvation, 'Clothes for Pym the Peg Doll'. 
From the moment the naked little pegs were presented to the group the smiles & giggling began. Thereafter scraps of fabric were positioned and 'auditioned'  as potentially garment worthy for the wooden folk. Using tiny offcuts, scraps of wool & bits of old lace, the group got inventive. Participants worked free-hand - no templates were used. Instead fabric was literally folded, ruched, puckered and secured in place with teeny mouse stitches. These garments are true one offs! 
A selection of CJ's peg dolls

Within our merry band of makers today we had a true peg doll aficionado, whom we'll call CJ, who has a collection of at least 113 peg dolls. CJ kindly brought along a selection of these dolls (sporting some very natty doubled-breasted tailoring) for us to see. It wasn't long before the M&B pegs were making their acquaintance and swopping notes about their outfits...

So here's how the making progressed...

The swoopy pipe cleaner arms give this 'Wiltshire Berry' clad Pym a jaunty air!
An M&B Fraingel gets acquainted with CJ's monk!

What amazing multi-thread hair!

There was even a mini tiara...
Here's a photo to end with. Original Pym, starry eyed, surrounded by a bevvy of wooden, fabric clad beauties. Way-to-go Pym! 


Sarah Burford said...

Oh I love this post! I draped, folded, stitched and puckered fabrics around my dolls when I was a child. I think creations are best formed in that way. I still use that technique today and never use templates. All hail Pym! Have a super weekend. Sarah (c pip) x

Murgatroyd said...

Whey hey Sarah! It's a great technique - and you use it with aplomb. Have a smashing Bank Holiday!

AnniD said...

A wonderful way to spend a morning!

Murgatroyd said...

It was a lot of fun Anni. Might do another in the Autumn - you should come again. So many outfits still to make!

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