An Unexpected Thank You

Last Christmas we had one of our Rocca Owls featured in Issue 4 of Pretty Nostalgic Magazine. The items featured in the article, which were all made by British makers, were then put forward into a prize draw for subscribers to the magazine. We hadn't heard what had happened to our tweedy owl chum until we received the following delightful letter, an extract of which has also been printed in the latest edition (Issue 6) of Pretty Nostalgic on their letters page. 

"Thank you so much for my lovely Pretty Nostalgic prize draw Rocco Owl. To arrive home on a cold monday night to find him waiting for me was a lovely surprise.  I just fell in love with him. Mr Owl has now taken his rightful place on a very old vintage chair in my dining room and how grand he looks. He has a lovely view out of the bay window and I am sure he has brightened someones day just by sitting there and looking out. I was amazed at the lovely 'makes' on your page and have been talking about you to all who will listen at work ! 
Keep up the great work and a huge thank you. Susan" 

Thank you Susan for such lovely feedback!

Issue 6 Spring 2013


How lovely to receive the thank you letter; it sounds like the lucky Rocca Owl has found a perfect home!
Murgatroyd said…
Just what we were thinking!
Lois Parker said…
that is a lovely letter, and so nice to get such great feedback
What a delightful letter, so lovely to receive such wonderful comments. Sarah x
Murgatroyd said…
Feedback is always helpful.
Thank you to all of you for taking the time to comment here too. It's much appreciated. :D
AnniD said…
I'm sure the lovely letter will get more folk to check you out! Fabulous!