Looking for a Particular Shade of Elephant

When Murgatroyd is out & about looking for fabric treasure he often comes back with a vintage card or two of mending thread such as the ones shown here.

We're always struck by the superb names which are given to thread colours (Sylko are particularly good at this!) and these are no exception; Squirrel, Elephant, Brownstone & Muscade. Fancy!
Also in this series of Clark's darning threads we've encountered, Potato (seriously), Bullrush, Otter, Java, Arabian & Buttercup.

If you have any more striking colour names to add to the list we'd love to hear them!  


gentlework said…
I love these mending threads! I collect them and use them for most of my embroidery work. I've come across fog, zinc, tabac, pale otter, pale sage and 'special shade'! Will let you know if I find an elephant! Christine x
Murgatroyd said…
OoH - love fog, zinc & 'special shade'. What fabulous names. Good to hear of someone putting them to good use Christine!