Saturday, 26 January 2013

Bean's True Heart

Here's what a spot of sampling from earlier in the week has turned into. These brooches are made from scraps of old lace, sheet music and tray cloth edging. There's even a little bit of wedding dress in 'True of Heart'. A variety of handstitches have been trapped between layers of fabric adding to the over all knubbley, textured quality.  
There's a definite whiff of 'vintage amour' about them. For that you can blame Bean. Other hares 'go mad' in March, for Bean he comes over all romantic in the weeks leading up to 14th February! Brace yourself, there may be more peachy colours and soft focus still to come. Oh dear....!  


Lois Parker said...

love the hint of music peeking through the trai of soft blue

Murgatroyd said...

Ah, hah! You spotted that, eh?

AnniD said...

You old romantic....I too love the song of the heart. Did Bean have anyone in mind or is he hopeful?

Murgatroyd said...

Ha, ha! Bean is ever hopeful Anni!

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