'Off the Peg: Fashions from the 40's & 50's'

Another trip north to Scotland for Murgatroyd and another visit to Shambellie House - Scotland's National Museum of Costume, previously mentioned HERE.  The museum is always worth a visit and this month it has the added attraction of the exhibition, 'Off the Peg: Fashion from the 40's and 50's'. 
The exhibition, organised in conjunction with The Fashion & Textile Museum London, focuses on the fabrics and dresses of Horrockses Fashions Ltd. As well as the actual dresses themselves, you also have the chance to inspect some of the original watercolour designs by artists such as Pat Albeck, which went on to become recognisable and evocative patterns of the period.     
The dresses and fabrics have all been beautifully presented by the museum and it was a joy to be able to get so close to the exhibits. The pleated calico drops in the main exhibition hall set off the day dresses elegantly.
Apologies for the quality of the photographs - the camera struggled somewhat with the light inside the museum. Here are a selection of items which stood out for Murgatroyd 



 If you don't get a chance to see the exhibition for yourself (it runs until 31st october 2012) there is a hardback book which accompanies the show by Christine Boydell full of photographs & illustrations. To find out more click HERE


258I wish my wardrobe looked like that!
Murgatroyd said…
And everyday warm enough to wear those fabulous dresses too! You were in our thoughts when we were looking at these :D
grrl + dog said…

I'm gasping just thinking about the girdle you'd be wearing under those dresses so the waist was 24 inches --eek!
Murgatroyd said…
Eek indeed! I wonder if the museum has ever considered an exhibition of such items of female torture...?
Sarah Burford said…
Oh my gosh! Those sunsuits! I'm smitten. x
Murgatroyd said…
The sunsuits were very cute. Didn't look like they had ever been worn.