Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Make A Mask With Us

This weekend we will be running one of our favourite workshops, mask making, at New Brewery Arts in Cirencester. It's a chance to use creative handstitch to make a wearable piece of textile art which will definitely get you noticed! 
There are a couple of places left if you would like to join us?  Bookings are made directly through the gallery HERE. 
Here's what else you need to know...  

Saturday 22nd October 2016
 'Wild About the Eyes' Mask Making 

Join Kathleen as she shows you how to make a handstitched, highly decorative, fabric half-mask with a beastly character. Taking inspiration from the vibrant tales and customs of European folklore and the flamboyant masks worn by Kathleen's hand embroidered Silva Populi creatures, these eye-catching masks are made to be worn but would also look great when framed.
Intermediate level: suitable for those with some previous hand sewing experience.  
10am-4.00pm Book directly through venue HERE  
Venue: New Brewery Arts
Brewery Court, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 1JH 

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Elmslie House Designer Maker Market Sunday 16th October 2016

We shall be at this beautiful venue tomorrow between 10.30am - 4.30pm. 
We will be in the esteemed and talented company of artists such as painter Mariette Voke, Lois Parker Glass, Lindsay Mann Jewellery, taxidermist & decoupage artist Jo Verity, metalsmith Claudia Petley, Kate Brazier Illustration and many more. 
It really is a great line up. It would be fantastic if you could join us.

There will be Silva Populi looking for new homes...

Friday, 16 September 2016

Craft Open West Midlands 2016

An exciting piece of news for us is that we've been selected to be an exhibitor in the first Craft Open to be held in the West Midlands. This inaugural exhibition, incorporating a spectrum of craft disciplines, will take place at Wolverhampton Art Gallery, opening tomorrow, Saturday 17th September, at 11am. To celebrate, the opening includes a day full of craft activities for the whole family between 11am-3pm so why not join us?   
If you can't get along tomorrow the exhibition runs until 6th November. 
Click on the link to find out more HERE

Saturday, 20 August 2016


Stitching a ruff: work in progress on a series of brooches for next month's Circus Acts event.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Roll Up, Roll Up!

Cor! Here you see the splendid poster for our next exhibition, Circus Acts, hot off the press. It has been designed and printed by the exhibition curator, Kate Hickson, at Tilley Letterpress Printing and what a beauty it is!

Circus Acts is going to be a unique two-day event of colour, curiosity and delight as an eclectic band of makers come together; from printmakers to animators, poets to needlesmiths. From the visual to the aural, there will be things to see, handle and taste. The added frisson is that all of this will not take place in a gallery but in a domestic setting. It will all happen in the Herefordshire home of the curator in Ledbury over 10th - 11th September. 
The inspiration for the event's title was drawn from a series of photographs of circus life in the early C20th which were traced back to the Taschen publication, 'The Circus 1870's-1950's' by Noel Daniel. 
We've taken inspiration from this tome ourselves in the past. One of our Silva Populi Lepus had a lilac and pink headdress influenced by this photograph from the book. 
With such a rich source of inspiration we're working on a number of pieces for the event, the smallest of which you can see in the work-in-progress photo' below. If you'd like to see what the other makers are up to why not join the Circus Acts page on Facebook HERE.

We'll keep you posted with our own progress and give you a reminder when the exhibition is about to open.

Proceeds from refreshments will go to Ledbury Refugee Support

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

A Group Gathered

It's the mid-way point for the Group Gathering exhibition at Unit Twelve in Stafford which reminded us that we had some photo's to share from the show's celebration which took place on 2nd July. 
It was a smashing afternoon, the sun shone and the Summer dresses were out in force. The event was hosted by the very lovely Jennifer Collier, an award winning artist who has her studio based there and who is also the driving force behind Unit Twelve Gallery. If you're not already aware of Jennifer's work please follow the link HERE to find out more. Jennifer is one of several artists who have studios at Unit Twelve so in addition to viewing the current exhibition you are also welcome to visit the artists and see what they are currently working on.

Don't forget you still have until Saturday 27th August to visit the exhibition. 

Apologies for the quality of the photo's, the old point 'n shoot camera was suffering in the heat!
L-R: Christine Kelly Gentlework, The Human Murgatroyd & Bean, Mariette Voke, Karen Shapley & Viv Sliwka Hensteeth
'15 1/2'by Viv Sliwka. It's great to see The Shirt Collar Project on display once more.

'The Shop @Unit Twelve': A tribe of Silva Populi waiting to be re-homed in the very good company of pieces by Karen Shapley, Ali Ferguson & Mariette Voke.  With accompanying pieces by Alice Fox, Ella Robinson, Angie Hughes & Anya Keeley. It's worth knowing that some of the project pieces are now also for sale.

Daphne's Glove pieces by Sarah Burford Curious Pip, Tamsin Abbott, Claire A Baker & our very own Tanbury Phenda piece
Summer had arrived! Vintage prints, florals and warm yellow shades

Friday, 1 July 2016

Tanbury & Daphne

The exhibition, A Group Gathering @ Unit Twelve is now open to the public. The exhibition showcases the finished project work of twenty UK artists who have taken part in A Group Gathering's textile challenges, the Shirt Collar Project and Daphne's Glove. We have a piece of work from each project included in this show.  
Above you see a detail from the piece we made for Daphne's Glove called, 'Tanbury Phenda Dreams of Flight'. As with the other artists' project pieces, the progress and development of this work has been charted on A Group Gathering's website. You can read more about the frustrations and techniques used to make the Tanbury piece HERE , HERE and HERE 
To celebrate the opening of the exhibition we thought you might like to know the story of how Tanbury Phenda became trapped in her tower. This is an original story by Kathleen Murphy (as are all of the tales which emerge from the Applewood / Murgatroyd & Bean) to accompany the Daphne's Glove piece. It is part of a larger story which will one day be published. 

If you are sitting comfortably, we'll begin...  Tanbury Phenda Dreams of Flight

    "Tanbry, Queen doe of the Phenda tribe, gazes far, far across the top of sharp, dark firs to the heather spotted moors where her tribe wander free. Tanbry’s imprisonment is a result of her kindness. Taking pity on the twist-spirited Elvog whose leg was caught in a crag, Tanbry pulled the witch to safety and bravely, for none of the Phenda ventured there, carried her into the caliginous deep of the forest where the hag lived. Once inside the forest the witch's pain and spite rewarded Tanbry with a curse - to be trapped inside a tall, windowless tower for forever and a day. Tanbury’s freedom to roam the moors cruelly taken.

    The curse proves too strong to break, though over the years many have tried. Some respite came in the form of a passing west wind, who, on hearing of Tanbry’s plight, blew through the bricks of the tower creating a window and turned the surrounding thorn bushes into verdant vines. Offering hope that one day Tanbry may be rescued. Each Spring the vines sprout small gloves, a symbol of Tanbry’s helping hand and a thorn in the deep buried conscience of Elvog reminding her of her wicked deed.

    For now, Tanbury continues to gaze from her window watching the Merlins and Short-Eared Owls pass by, wishing for wings so that she may fly to her freedom and feel mossy bog, soft beneath her hooves once more." 

copyright. Kathleen Murphy

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